Marine Labor Supply

We Provide Reliable, Marine-Based Staffing

One of the hardest aspects of running a business is finding and retaining high-quality labor from engaged employees and staff. At Pelican Companies of America, we solve that issue for our clients by providing the personnel you need to meet your production goals. Ultimately, our experienced temp and perm labor options cut down on the expense of training and turnover by providing you with team members, who are already considered profitable employees.

Our Maritime Labor Services

Offshore Positions:
  • • Able Bodied Seaman

  • Aluminum Welders

  • Chief Engineers

  • Cooks

  • Deck Foremans

  • Engineers

  • Galley Hands

  • Hydraulic/Friction Crane Operators

  • Painters/Blasters

  • Pipe/Structural ​​Combo Welder/Fitters

  • Pipe/Structural Welders

  • Riggers

  • Rigger Foremans

  • Scaffold Builders

  • ​Superintendent

  • Welder Foremans

inshore Positions:
  • Aluminum Welders

  • Foremans

  • Painters/Blasters

  • Pipe/Structural Fitters

  • Pipe/Structural Welders

  • Riggers

  • Roustabouts

  • Scrap Burners

No Shortage of Expertise in the Maritime Industry.

With a solid history of working in the maritime industry, whether it’d be in shipyards or otherwise, Pelican Companies of America is no stranger to the challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks that come along with large, focused projects. Since 1969, our family has rooted their concern in performance tracking, safety measures, and the development and supply of skilled labor. 

Our Workers are Trained & Ready

  • Air Monitor/Gas Detector

  • Crane Operator API RP 2D

  • Crane Operator Physical

  • Fieldwood Orientation

  • Fire protection w/ Rescue Planning

  • First Aid/CPR/AED/BBP

  • Food Handler Medical Exam

  • Incipient Fire

  • Marine Trash & Debris

  • Piping & Vessel Isolation Procedure

  • Rigger Training API RP 2D

  • Safe Gulf


  • Skill Verification

  • Water Survival w/ HUET & Swing Rope

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