Industrial Staffing & Labor Supply

Let Us Supply Your Skilled Labor for the Industrial Sector.

When we say our staffing solutions are the most viable in the industrial industry, we’re not exaggerating. Pelican Companies of America has always prided ourselves on our supply of skilled laborers—all who are a part of the ISN, or International Suppliers, Network, meaning they’re licensed and ready to work from day one! Our internal “Rolodex” of workers across various specialties is as vast as it is dependable. Above all else, we will ensure that necessary positions are filled and unneeded downtime is a concept of the past. 

Industrial Capabilities

  • • Pipe fitters

  • • Iron Structural Fitters

  • • Structural Welders

  • • Stick Pipe Welders

  • • Electricians

  • • Riggers

  • • Crane Operators

  • • Forklift Operators

  • • Maintenance

  • • Pressure Washing

  • • Roustabouts

  • • Hands

  • • Cleanup Crews

  • • Rentals

  • • Engineers

Our Commitment to Industrial Labor Safety Does Not Fall Short.

While safety is important in every work environment, particular ones require a bit more attention than others, like an industrial setting. This is why Pelican Contactors USA has a keen focus on safety—it can literally be the difference in saving a life. Safety begins with OSHA’s requirements, but it doesn’t stop there; we also uphold the physical and mental well-being of our staff, schedule on-going safety education meetings and trainings, and stay up-to-date on all the latest safety advancements as they become available. 

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