Baton Rouge Shelter

Shelter At Home

After the devastating floods of 2016 that rocked the Baton Rouge area, FEMA initiated a program to help the affected residents return to their own homes, instead of temporary housing. Pelican Companies was given the opportunity, by the project’s lead contractor, to lend our expert management services to the program.

After several months of coordinating our efforts and pooling our resources, we had completed the renovation of over one hundred homes and had succeeded accomplishing the goal of the program which was to return the people of the damaged area to everyday life.

When the work was done and program was finished, the help we gave to FEMA and the people of the Baton Rouge area did not go unnoticed. We were asked to testify in Washington D.C. after multiple homeowners filed reports of how kind and professional our staff were and the quality of work they had done.

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