IBTS Suppression Installment


In December of 2016, FEMA had a problem. One thousand high risk families were homeless and only twenty-seven of the urgent cases had been placed in three months. FEMA requested that IBTS send forty-two experts to Baton Rouge by the first of the year. The challenge was on!

IBTS contacted John Cybulski, David Ratcliff, and Stephanie Rogers to hire, train, and equip forty-two people plus their management teams. John and David turned to two subcontractors; Don Hopkins of Jensen-Hughes and Jonathan Scully of Pelican Companies.

That team of contractors and subcontractors worked around the clock and through two major holidays searching all parts of the country for resources. By January all off the requested experts and field support staff walked through the door ready to work.  

By the end of the day, the team had certified the first of 89 urgent units was ready for occupancy. By the end of the week, 41 high risk families had been placed; more than three times the previous weekly average!

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