Commercial Construction Management

Trusted & Knowledgeable Professionals

At Pelican Companies, we are committed to providing reliable commercial construction services to businesses across the Gulf South. With us you not only get a team of experienced and knowledgeable builders, but also a company that can manage a project from start to finish.

We'll Hire The Best Specialist Available

You can let us handle acquiring the labor and specialists required for a larger job. We will work with them and coordinate their tasks in the most efficient ways possible which will help your project stay on schedule. We have been involved with in a range of commercial projects both in industry and in scale and offer high quality service no matter the situation. We are consistent and dependable in our work and work ethic. You can count on us being at the job site on time everyday and fulfilling the timelines we’ve projected for you.

Custom Process

We also provide clients with continuous lines of communication so no one is kept out of the loop. Every project has its sensitivities, be it time, budget, or other outside factors. We customize our processes around each individual project in order to best serve its needs. Let the professionals here at Pelican take the stress out of your commercial construction job. Give us a call today to talk with a member of our team.

Do you need some help coordinating a project or are you ready to start your own?

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